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Ferric Chloride Solution 40%

We are offering ferric chloride solution. Cas no. - 7705-08-0 ferric chloride forms a corrosive solution which is used as a coagulant in sewage and waste water treatment and drinking water production. It is used to remove suspended solids and particulate matter from water. As a flocculant it has the function of precipitating heavy metals and sulfides, bleaching, deodorization, degreasing, sterilizing, dephosphorizing and decreasing the cod & bod of effluent water. It is commonly used as an etchant for copper-based metals in printed circuit boards. Iron(iii) chloride etches copper in a two-step redox reaction to copper(i) chloride and then to copper(ii) chloride in the production of printed circuit boards.


Appearance Clear, Odourless, Brown Liquid
Place of Origin Egypt

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 100 Metric Ton
Port Alexandria,Egypt
Payment Terms T/T
Packaging Details IBC Tank